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    We’ve decided Advise re spicing up sex-life please

    We’ve decided Advise re spicing up sex-life please

    Ok therefore we have actually a tremendously night that is rare tonight, DDs are sticking with certainly one of my buddies. DD2 is 5 months, this is basically the night that is first have experienced alone since she was created.

    He is going to cook us a meal and then i am sure will lead onto other things so we have decided to stay in, get some wine . We now have a good sex-life anyhow in we make love about 2-3 times aweek, but I would like to spice things up alittle and cant realy think about what you should do. So that the reason for this thread would be to require suggestions please that is pretty. We realy want him to take pleasure from it and never feel just like its exactly the same every time ifkwim. There was straight right straight back tale why I will be achieving this and can elaborate if anybody desires us to.

    Okay so when I said DD is 5months we tried for 5 yrs along with 5 Mc before we concieved her. We have DD1 who’s 8 from the relationship that is previous. Me personally and DH met up whenever she had been extremely young, we began attempting for DD2 once we had begin together a year. Continue reading »

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