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    Being fully a transgender : An (epi)genetic knowledge of sex phrase

    Being fully a transgender : An (epi)genetic knowledge of sex phrase

    Being truly a transgender bioengineer has its advantages and disadvantages. On a single hand, it provides me personally a large benefit whenever navigating through the minefield of hormone change ( offered the massive problems transgender individuals face whenever searching for the right endocrinologist). Having said that, i must pay attention comments that are to/read people that haven’t had a biology course since senior school explain chromosomes in my experience. But alas, as Aristotle when stated, “With great knowledge comes great psychological indigestion.”

    …did he actually state that? I’m uncertain. Hey, my specialty is technology, maybe not history.

    Anyways, you technology geeks out listed below are planning to love this. And also for the non-science individuals, I’ll do my best to make use of every metaphor i am aware to help keep my article interesting and engaging, while ideally teaching you some sweet nuggets of biology as you go along! Continue reading »

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