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    Any kind of ideas to why this fetish is done?

    Any kind of ideas to why this fetish is done?

    This will be an interesting concern. Lots of people point out this fetish being created in a mature generation of intimately active grownups, particularly those who could have had feminine instructors, babysitters, caregivers, even their moms and dads secretaries once they had been sort that is little of after a gown rule of “women wear hose and heels” and thus their eroticization of womens’ legs and pantyhose stemmed (no pun intended ?? because of these very early experiences.

    I believe additionally the sensual nature of pantyhose contributes to why individuals it is eroticized like it and why.

    Throughout the board, many experts within the field agree that a pantyhose fetish frequently starts in youth, but that isn’t to express that some social individuals develop pantyhose fetishes in young adulthood and adulthood.

    Here are a few ideas by pantyhose users on what their fetish developed:

    “I think mine developed as time passes as my Grandma would raise her skirt and quite adjust her stockings usually. She had great legs for her age and overtime i might watch for her to modify. Continue reading »

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